Monday, February 11, 2008

New Batch - Barley Wine

Red Kettle Big Bad Barley Wine

Started on 2/10/2008

13 lb Light Liquid Malt Extract

2 lb Corn Sugar (Dextrose)


2oz Simcoe Hops (60 min)

2oz Centennial Hops (30 and 15 min)

(Somewhere around 70.6 IBU according to the Tinseth method)


¼ lb Victory

¼ lb Munich

¼ lb Crystal 40

¼ lb Crystal 120

1 tsp Irish Moss (45 min)

2 11.5g packages of Fermentis Safale US-05

I steeped grains for 30 min at 150° in 1.5 gallons of water, sparged with 2 quarts of 150° water. Removed from heat, added extract and stirred until dissolved and then brought it to a boil. Then I added 2oz Simcoe at the beginning of boil, 1 tsp Irish Moss at 45 min, 1oz centennial at 30 min and 1oz Centennial at 15 min. For a total of 60 min.

Notes: The night before I made a 3 liter starter with one 11.5g packet of Safale US-05 yeast and froze a one gallon jug of water to use for cooling. Once finished boiling I added the ice to the hot wort and got it to workable temp within a few minutes. After boiling I also scooped as much of the hops from wort as possible and strained them through a sieve. I strained remaining hops through the sieve when I poured the wort into fermenter. I added 2 chilled gallons of spring water and the temp was still at 115°. I had one more gallon of cold water available to use but the wort was already a little past 5 gallon mark. So I filled bath tub with cold water and allowed fermenter to sit in it for 30 min. This brought temp to about 82° and I decided to pitch despite high temp. I pitched the 3 liter starter and I ended up with only about 2.5” of head space in fermenter. Before Pitching I took a gravity reading of 1.116 (adjusted for temp) and decided it might be a good idea to pitch the extra package of yeast I had bought. I pitched it dry along with starter and within a half hour there was activity in airlock. I had bought two packages of yeast with the intent of using the second for bottling. Since this was going to be such a high gravity beer there might not be enough viable yeast left for bottle conditioning due to such a high alcohol content. Anyway it looks like I’m going to have to pick up one more package of yeast before bottling after all. Overall I’m looking at around 70.6 IBU according to Beersmith using the Tinseth method.

Day 2 comments: I checked the temp this morning it did not come down as I had hoped. It was still at 81° this morning when I woke up. Lucky for me I always put my fermenter in a large plastic storage tub during primary to protect my carpet in case of blow off. So I placed a wet towel around the fermenter with about 6 inches of water in the storage tub and put a fan blowing on it to promote evaporative cooling. Within 2 hours my temps have already dropped to 73°. Still a degree high but I can live with that, plus it’s better than 82°. If the temp doesn’t drop within range in a few hours I filled most of the storage containers I have in the house with water and put them in the freezer so I’ll add them to the storage container once they freeze.

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