Monday, February 11, 2008

Tasting Report

Ok so I am finally posting a tasting report. Since I just started my next batch I figured it's about time. The flavor is a little light for a stout somewhere between a porter and a stout. The color is dark, with little to no light showing through. Flavor is a good balance of malt and hops with the malt being just a little less present. The hops is more on the bitter side rather than the aromatic but I don't mind bitterness personally. The malt is rich and a slight caramel/chocolate flavor. I really like a good hoppy IPA but for me the hops could have been toned down just a bit especially for what was supposed to be a stout. Overall it's a good porter and a weak stout at best, but very drinkable. It also seems to be getting better with age. I was planning to save about 4 bottles to try them at monthly intervals but since I only have 4 bottles left I'm afraid I'm going to have to drink them. Once I have a good reserve of different batches stocked up then I'll be able to save some for aging. So look for my next post on my recently started Barley Wine.

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