Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yummy Cider!

So I wanted to get something going so when the barley wine was aging we had some good home brew to drink, so I decided to make a cider since Christi isn't much of a beer drinker. I picked up 4 gallons of fresh cider and 3 cans of frozen condensed apple juice. I added 6oz of brown sugar and 2.5lbs of white sugar, some ginger and cinnamon to the reconstituted apple juice and brought it to a boil. I cooled it down and added it to the cider. I reconstituted the apple juice with less water than recommended to help increase the gravity. I only used 3 of the gallons of the cider because I decided to drink one fresh, so we only ended up with 4 gallons in the fermenter. I added everything in the fermenter took a gravity reading of 1.060 and pitched the yeast (red star champagne yeast because I wanted a drier cider). Anyway, this was a totally improvised recipe so we'll see what happens, keep checking back for updates.

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